Branding Basics: Postcards

When it comes to postcard design you want to stand out and grab attention to be successful.
We hope the following tips will put you on track to design effective postcards.

Stunning Visuals

Don’t settle for relevant photos that are plain. Rather, shoot for imagery that set the tone and is interesting enough to grab attention with only a glance. Use powerful colors and shading to accentuate your graphic elements, thus, emphasizing you message with key visual elements to elicit the proper sentiment from your recipients.

Concise Copy Counts

Less truly is more, especially when it comes to copy on your postcard. Keep your copy succinct for best results. Use of proper typography will make your type more graphic like. A large attention grabbing headline, short line of offer copy, and a bold call to action are the perfect methods for most postcards.

Respect Negative Space

Just like when designing business cards, negative space is paramount in postcard design. Without it your postcard can look cluttered and your message perplexing. Allowing you design elements room to breathe draws attention to the aesthetic elements you want to stand out most. A well designed postcard garners the crucial focus necessary to motivate response.

Astronomical Aspect

Oversized postcards (6×9 & 6×11) not only standout from regular mail, they are next to impossible to ignore. While there is a bit of a cost increase when sending larger pieces you have the ability to make those lasting impressions that give solid results. Investing in these larger than life options are a great way to grab attention immediately.

So in short nail your visuals to grab attention at a glance. Keep your copy concise and use typography effectively with a solid headline, offer copy and call to action. Respect your negative space and don’t clutter up your design with too much, remember less is more. Lastly, go big for a piece that will not only stand out dimensionally, but with the right pieces in place, be impossible to ignore. Click here to order your own postcard designs. Or if you would prefer we can design it here.

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