Branding Basics: Rack Cards

Rack cards are a great way to convey information at a glance. With a rack card you can pique the interest of potential customers without spending a fortune in printing. Here we will give you a rundown of the essentials of an effective rack card.

A Pop of Color, Phrases, & Slogans

While it may be superfluous from the name, rack cards display on a carousel or rack in checkouts, or store corners. Thus, your card will be with dozens or more cards from competing companies. The challenge is obviously getting people to select and read your card.

To stand out in those instances, you need to choose color schemes that pop, along with using attention grabbing photos and text. You might draw them in with a great photo or high contrast graphics. Your memorable slogan or a call to action will keep them reading.

When planning out your design and searching for graphics or photos, keep in mind that many racks only display the upper third or fourth of the cards. The most engaging concepts need to be at the top while the minor details can be relegated to the lower portion of the card. Also, don’t forget to utilize both side well, you never know when someone might put the card in backwards. Both sides need to have engaging content for best results.

Enticements, Perks, & Features

Now that you have their attention you must demonstrate what makes you, your product, or service unique. Be brief and succinct, you don’t want multiple paragraphs of proven benefits, just discuss what they can expect when they come to you.

Focus on your most enticing incentives. Discounts, coupons, promotions, and other incentives are also a great way you can encourage readers to hold on to your card and use it somewhat quickly. When customers then bring the card in to enjoy a deal, you can monitor the results and compare to the rest of your marketing campaign.

A Call to Action

For those interested in what you are offering, you will need to provide a way for them to follow up on their interest. A call to action allows readers to know specifically what they can do to cash in on your latest promotion, invest, or participate in your programs.

In a prominent place tell readers to stop by your store, check out your website, or call your company. QR codes are a simple way to allow readers instant access to learn more about your business, simply by scanning the QR with their smartphone.

Logo, Company Name, & Contact Information

Your call to action should point your customers to a form of contact, such as your website or phone number. However, you should not rely on that alone, lest you alienate potential customers.

You should include additional information for customers, wherever possible. For example you could include:
• Maps to your store
• Current specials
• Hours of operation
• Key email addresses
• Alternate phone numbers
Provide information that will help your clients most to reach out to you.

We hope this article helps you to understand a little more clearly how to prepare and plan a design for a successful rack card that will get noticed and bring your business success. Get started on your design today by clicking here. Or if you would prefer we do the work for you click here.

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